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Children are naturally open and receptive to the world around them. They are learning from the very beginning, learning so much from 'who we are' rather than what we say. With this in mind, how do we best nurture our children as they grow?

How we relate has a huge influence on our children.

Most of us have learned to relate in less than optimal ways.  We didn't have healthy role models growing up.  We can feel stuck with ongoing frustrations, where it seems easier to just put up with things, or wait until the next phase is over, or even 'laying down the law' so to speak. Meanwhile we are drifting further apart and missing out on true connection in the moment.

We're here to help you shift into more love, connection and harmony in your family.

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Aware Dads

This group is intended to be a safe place of support, growth and community for fathers practising with parenting philosophies that are non-cohesive, democratic and emotionally aware.  Philosophies similar to the principles of Aware Parenting.

Parent Coaching

  • Sleep issues
  • Cooperative children
  • Effective parenting strategies
  • Sex and love matters
  • Conscious separation
  • Blended families
  • Children's sexual development
  • Fatherhood

Online Courses

  • Making Love Matter
  • Parenting After Separation
  • Talking to Children about Sex and Pleasure
  • Postpartum Dads
  • Playful Discipline
  • Tears and Tantrums
  • Getting Along with Siblings and Friends
  • The CoParenting Sweet Spot

Pregnancy and Birth

  • Healing birth experiences
  • Sensual and orgasmic birthing
  • Sacred spaces
  • Conscious conception
  • Shamanic connections
  • Emotional support
  • Father's place
  • Birth support

Brett Darnesh is a Certified Aware Parenting Instructor and Certified Relationship and Sexuality Coach and Educator.  He is passionate about supporting parents to be all they wish to be in connection with their children and significant others. Brett will gently yet clearly guide you back to the heart of parenting and what relationships are all about.    You'll find more love, more connection and more fun in your family life with a greater sense of belonging right where you are.

Avalon inspires women to release old patterns and awaken their feminine power and sensual nature for a more beautiful life. As a Shamanic Birthkeeper and mentor for mothers, she weaves together her skills from Counselling and Wholistic Psychology to hold a loving space for women to heal from past births, prepare for an ecstatic birth, integrate healthy sexuality as a mother and learn more loving, and conscious ways to raise children.

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