"Together they facilitate change in the way families live and love."

Avalon and Brett are living a life of love and passion within their blended family with 5 children.  Through coaching, workshops and education, they inspire parents to live the intimacy their hearts desire, and nurture children’s growing needs and curiosity around intimate relating without shame, guilt or embarrassment.

Loving Families raises awareness of intimacy and healthy sexuality in the areas of pregnancy, birth and parenting.  We came together with 2 children each, then consciously conceived and ecstatically birthed our shared lovechild.  You can read our birth story HERE.

Avalon is a Shamanic Birthkeeper and Soul Guide, inspiring mothers to reclaim their natural, sensual self that's been buried beneath mountains of laundry, dishes and to-do lists.  Her personal coaching and workshops bring women into their heart & feminine power for authentic self expression, fun and fulfilment in everyday life. She honours conscious parenting & intimacy as sacred gateways to personal  growth and transformation, taking a wholistic and playful approach to life, love and learning. See more www.blossomingwoman.com.au

Brett approaches life in an adventurous and eclectic way that continues to evolve into new ways of being. He is passionate for integrating his Relationship and Sexuality Coaching with conscious parenting approaches. Brett is living within a paradigm of relating that is radically honest, transparent and unconditional, and loves to guide people into their own unique ways of extraordinary relating.  See more www.lovingalignment.com.au

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