Personal Coaching for couples and individuals

Brett and Avalon offer personal coaching for conception, pregnancy, birth & parenting along with areas of intimacy & sexuality to bring more love, harmony & connection into your family life.


What is Coaching?

When you hire a coach, you hire someone who works in partnership with you to help you achieve the life you want. A coach helps to clarify who you are, what you want, what's blocking you, and works with you to move you forward. Coaching helps you to come up with solutions and keep motivated toward achieving results you want. A coach is not a counsellor in that the focus is not on the problem, but on the solution. As coaches we also contribute their own experience and knowledge.


What we offer

We work with people to help them become the parent they want to be from conception onwards. There can be many things that get in our way toward the life we dream possible. Many issues can be linked to our past and how we currently relate to ourself and others. Anything that is not flowing with ease in our life indicates a misalignment in our self, in our beliefs and the way we are currently seeing things.  We are both experienced coaches who can bring clarity to your situation, and also offer effective tools to help simplify shifting into alignment with your life desires with conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting.  We both see that healthy intimacy and sexuality in a loving relationship is essential to providing healthy outcomes in your parenting journey.  We offer coaching in person, by phone or on skype.


Areas of support may include:



  • Be prepared physically, emotionally, intimately and spiritually
  • Move past beliefs that may be holding things back
  • Understand a holistic approach to conception


  • Women embrace the loving transformations whether this be your first or 10th pregnancy
  • Men learn to start your parenting here
  • Open to greater love during this special time
  • Learn the healing power of pregnancy together

Ecstatic Birth

  • Women surrender and trust your body to birth,
  • Healing past birth experiences
  • Men know how to support your woman's opening
  • Understand birth dynamics (masculine/feminine) and fall into a space of love together in birth
  • Experience profound new levels of love and intimacy



  • Integrated parental intimacy in the family
  • Deeper connection and understand of your children
  • Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable conversations as parents, and with children
  • Understanding your children's development
  • Re-establishing sexual intimacy after birth


Brett Darnesh

Brett is a Certified Aware Parenting Instructor with the Aware Parenting Institute,  and Certified Relationship and Sexuality Coach and Educator with the Awakening Within Foundation as well as a Field Project Certified Coach.  He also has qualification in holistic counselling and has a Masters degree in Social Ecology.  Brett has been supporting parents finding their way for more than 8 years, and enjoys life as a father to 5 children adding to real life experience as a coach for parents.

Avalon Darnesh

Avalon is a Shamanic Birthkeeper and also brings together her skills from Wholistic Psychology and Counselling to help women connect with their heart, heal from previous birth trauma and access their intuitive birthing power.


What does coaching cost?

Private coaching ranges from AU$70-$150 per session depending on length of session, or contact us for a package tailored to your needs.


Change doesn't happen overnight.  The advantages of purchasing a package is in the support and accountability of making changes to your life, and in our packages we offer free email support over a longer period of time.

Your coaching session is personalised for what you need, including any topics related to:

  • Conception - Pregnancy journey - inviting your baby into a loving space and honouring pregnancy
  • Ecstatic Birth Preparation - which may include healing from past births if relevant
  • Parenting and Intimacy - enjoying more fulfilling connection
  • Talking with Children about Sex and Relating

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