Short Workshops - 2-3 hours


Natural Parenting Dads Support

  • Make connections and find ways to get support
  • Discover your personal actions to take to get the change you want
  • Find your edge into furthering your maturity into fatherhood

Playful Discipline

  • Elicit cooperation through laughter
  • Create more connection and fun
  • Effective and fun strategies

Tears and Tantrums

  • The science
  • What to do about tears and tantrums
  • Returning to harmony

Democratic Discipline

  • Peaceful resolutions
  • Setting boundaries and limits effectively
  • love and blah


1 Day Workshops


Parenting and Intimacy

  • Finding passion for each other while parenting
  • Establishing new ways of being together
  • Pleasure is important

Aware Parenting Basics

  • Learn the principles of Aware Parenting
  • Learn the science and research
  • Learn practical parenting practices

2 Day Workshops


In depth Aware Parenting

  • Healing the past and being more present
  • Helping children through hurts and trauma
  • Enriching connections with children