Making Love Matter


Our popular 'Making Love Matter' course

will be open again for registrations in mid June 2016.

In this course you'll learn how to bring the spark and passion back into your family, especially if you've been too tired, busy or distracted to enjoy each other like you used to, and how to bring more fun and playfulness into your life too.

Children are absorbing so much about love and relating by seeing the way we are with ourselves and those around us. Learn how to be a healthy role model for your children, so they develop healthy ways to relate as they grow up.

For single parents, we are creating a program especially for you to bring more love and connection into your family, and get clear about what's important to you so your family can thrive. We've both been single parents ourselves, so we have experience and insight into this.

As busy parents of a blended family with 5 home-schooled children and co-sleeping with a breastfed baby, we are here to share the secrets to keeping love alive and how beneficial this is for your whole family. And no, it's not about babysitters and date nights, this is about bringing new, more loving ways of being into your daily life. Children learn so much about love, sex and relating just by seeing the way we are with each other.

For singles or couples, take this 4-part journey where you will discover:

  • How to reconnect with your sexuality as a parent in fulfilling ways
  • How to lighten up and have more fun in your family.
  • Amp up attraction and juiciness by understanding more about feminine/masculine energy flow
  • Explore new, more loving ways of relating and communicating, especially during conflict
  • Learn about childhood sexual development and talking with your children about sex at every stage

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q ~ How does an e-course work?
A ~ Once you register, you will receive a link to the course with a password.  On the course page, you can download the audio classes, transcripts and homeplay exercises.  Save these to your computer and you can do them at your own pace, in your own time.  You will also receive an inspirational email each week for the first 4 weeks after you register.

Q ~ What if my partner doesn't want to do the course, can I do it on my own?
A ~ Yes, absolutely.  In the course you will learn about relationship dynamics, and more effective ways to communicate.  You'll also learn about how to amp up sexual attraction and new ways to connect in the bedroom.  By one person learning these things, you can introduce them into your family and everyone benefits.

Q ~ I'm single.  Is the course still appropriate for me?
A ~ We are in the middle of creating a course especially for you, taking into consideration the particular dynamics that apply in your situation.  This includes dealing with ex-partners, self care and getting clear within yourself so you can attract a new partner more in alignment with your values, if this is what you desire.

Q ~ I'm busy.  Do I need to complete the course within a specific time frame?

A ~ No, once you download the files they are yours to keep forever, so take your time.

If you have any more questions, please EMAIL US or alternatively you can call us:
Avalon 0422 379 722 or Brett 0416 298 296

Avalon & Brett x